All about the gifted Maurice Lennon

Maurice Lennon

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Introduction of Maurice Lennon

Maurice Lennon, a well known name in the now big and popular world of what we term as the Irish Music. Maurice started out as a musician at a very young age of just 13. He used to play just traditional music then. Being talented, he quickly attracted a lot of attention and popularity, and won himself the Senior All Ireland Fiddle Championship, at a very early age of 17. Due to his instant success, his name started getting linked to the great and popular players of his time like Brendan McGlinchy, Seamus Connolly and Liz Carroll. His name is also held responsible for promoting Irish music on a large scale with the help of his playing abilities. Later on, he was followed by the well known players such as Eileen Ivers, Martin Hayes and Desi Donnelly.

Vast history of achievements

Maurice’s talent found him a great many things, especially in the 1980’s. He co-founded the ‘Stockton’s Wing’, who eventually went on to achieve an almost super-group status, a highly respected tag. He also had the greatest pleasure of sharing a stage with many world famous artists which included Liza Minnelli, Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr., the unforgettable Michael Jackson, Stephan Grapelli and so on. One more achievement was added to this list, when he performed in a great Irish film named “The Field”, featuring Sean Bean, Richard Harris and Tom Berringer amongst many others.

Personal life and his passion for music

He had a love affair with the popular “The Wing” Maurice, and it lasted for a very long time. However, it came to an abrupt end, leading Maurice in his path to discover his true love, which he found in writing lyrics and composing music. Since then, he has been concentrating in a focused way on these two things. A lot of his recent compositions have found their way to the Daniel O’Donnell’s Greatest Hits album, a big glory in the eyes of many. One of his compositions ‘If Ever You Were Mine’, was recorded by ‘Natalie McMaster’ and ‘Cherish the Ladies’. Maurice is now all set to introduce himself as a producer, working with other rather diverse producers such as John Ryan, Bill Whelan, Shaun Davey, Steve Cooney, P.J.Curtis and now also with Donal Lunny.
However, even after achieving all this success and glory, performance still remains the integral and most important component of Maurice’s music. Recently, Maurice also performed with the Ireland’s award winning popular singer Sean Keane. He also became the musical advisor of the famous Ragus group, coming from the Aran Islands.

A lot more expectations

Looking at the way Maurice has moved up in the world of music, taking entertainment to a whole new level, it seems he will come up with a lot more new and entertaining stuff in the coming years. His quality of touching people’s heart with his exceptional qualities and magic touch is something very rare, and hence there aren’t many who can be compared to him when it comes to music. Ireland will get a lot more of the Maurice touch, as he intends to perform with his full band at a number of locations there.
Maurice Lennon, being talented and gifted, seems more than determined to entertain more and more people throughout the world.